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06-26-15, 22:34
Redback One will be again returning to Alaska to offer two different classes. These will be held in Talkeetna.

July 31: Ladies Intro to Pistol

Aug 1-2: CQCS-Pistol/Carbine

Ladies Intro to Pistol

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: $225.00

Description: This course is the first in a series of courses taken from the Redback Shooting System (RSS). As a level 1 course, it is used for familiarization training and is designed to provide the shooter with a solid grounding in the core skills and fundamentals to safely carry, control, handle and operate the handgun.

Link for description and sign up (http://redbackone.com/shop/cart.cfm?cmd=view.course&uid=1023&tcat=49

CQCS-Pistol/ Carbine - RSS Level 2

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: $525.00

Description: Close Quarters Combat Shooting-Pistol/Carbine: The 2-Day Combat Pistol / Carbine course is designed to teach students how to handle and operate both weapon systems in a tactical environment. This course will increase individual skills and mastery of the fundamentals with both pistol and carbine. Students will build upon core skills with both weapons and learn how to reduce reaction time, increase speed presenting each weapon from the ready as well as decrease time shot to shot, allowing the shooter to engage targets faster. The course will balance speed, efficiency, and accuracy through repetition to ensure that each student reaches a proficient standard. As with all Redback One courses, this course will focus on two key aspects of combat marksmanship; weapon handling skills and marksmanship fundamentals.

Link for description and signup (http://redbackone.com/shop/cart.cfm?cmd=view.course&uid=1091&tcat=49)




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