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07-20-08, 04:42
DrDrake (or anyone with information),
what is the latest on the PDR? Has the PDR been field tested yet?

The reason I ask is because I am currently flying Scout helicopters in Iraq and and we commonly deploy our M-4 carbines from the cockpit while flying. Although the M-4 is a decent weapon and I have no real complaints about the 5.56mm ammo, however, there are issues with the M-4.

Issue #1 - The overall length of the standard issue M-4 (the same that our Infantry brothers carry) is too long for use inside the cockpit in flight. We have learned to "deal" with the issues, but more than once I have had switches and circuit breakers inadvertently knocked to the "off" position in flight. Also, unintended "butt stroking" to the face of the other pilot has occurred on occasion.

Issue #2 - Brass being deflected into the cockpit. When conducting aerial engagements, the right hand ejection causes the casings to ricochet inside the cockpit, usually with unexpected and sometimes humorous results.

The Magpul PDR appears to address these issues. I am interested in any testing that may have been completed or is in process. If field testing has not been completed, feel free to PM me so that I can send you my APO address ;)

I posted this question here since I imagine there are others that are curious as to the latest developments of the PDR.