View Full Version : Driving advice OK to IN

Cap'n Crash
07-15-15, 11:24
I would appreciate some driving advice.
I'm driving from Oklahoma City to Evansville Indiana today. Google Maps suggests Interstate 44 to St Louis, then Interstate 64.
Any suggestions regarding alternate routes due to traffic or construction? If taking the route above, I'd be driving thru St Louis at midnight.
Thank you very much for your help!

07-15-15, 11:28
Made that drive several times, should be no sweat. IIRC, there is one interchange in St.L that is a tad tricky. After that, you're home free. Maps works well for suggesting alternate routes around construction.

Cap'n Crash
07-15-15, 11:50
Thank you Joelski. I hope there is no significant flooding damage on this route