View Full Version : Almost time to put down the carbines....

08-22-15, 00:18
and pick up the shotguns!

Texas 2015-16 Duck/Goose regulations released,


I'm going from carbine to shotgun in one day. Local carbine match in AM of the 5th, then onto the dove fields. Early Teal/Canadian starts following weekend.

Love this time of year, going to put some more hard miles on the 1300.

Cap'n Crash
09-10-15, 13:01
Me too!
Went to a lease south of Quanah last weekend. Had one good evening, got 10 dove. Mornings and the other evenings weren't too great. We were thinking that with all the rain we've had, there are too many full tanks. The birds were spread out between too many areas with lots of sunflowers and full tanks.
How did you do?

Cap'n Crash
09-10-15, 13:14
Anyone else have any luck?

09-10-15, 13:56
I shot at one single on the 5th. Saw three other singles. I was running on four hours of sleep and completed a carbine match that morning so I was pretty spent. Couldn't go out opening day but I heard there weren't many birds anywhere.

We still had a fun afternoon though. One cat bought some super duper clay thrower and we had a good time with it.

Previous years had low numbers due to low spring rain fall. This year we have low numbers due to high spring rain fall, go figure.

Early teal/Canadian starts this Saturday. Got a place scouted out at the lake to hunt. Tonight will be the last bit of sleep I get for a couple days. That reminds me, I can't find my calls!

Cap'n Crash
09-10-15, 16:31
Good luck!

09-16-15, 03:04
Opening morning of early Teal was a bust. Didn't see a single one. Saw plenty of real ducks, but no Teal.

Had four big birds buzz us about 15 minutes before shooting time. They were moving fast, not Teal fast but getting it none the less. I cranked out a highball 'comeback' call. The rear most pair banked but the front pair kept cruising. They regrouped quickly after and kept going. I try to avoid using 'comeback' calls but sometimes I'll crank one out.

A knuckle head hunter answered my call. I shook my head and let go of my calls. This guy then started using a 'happy Mallard mama' call and was getting closer. I started getting pissed that he was cruising up on us.

I blew a Canadian honk a few times hoping he would put it together that we were people.

No change, still getting closer. I started mimicking his 'happy' call word for word immediately after each call. Still getting closer.

30 minutes of this and guy comes into view. He was in a tiny brown boat that looked just like a young Mallard hen. This chick swam all the way across the lake to us. We had a good laugh.

Hung out about another 30 minutes watching big birds and then packed it up. Teal around here are pretty much done flying a few minutes after shooting time.

Cruised up where we could get out of boats and maybe get some Dove. All we had was high dollar #2 duck loads. Buddy we will call 'Murdock' (the pilot of our A-Team) nailed a dove and wrecked it pretty hard with the 2 shot so we gave up on Dove also.

We had a good time though. Look forward to the next one.