View Full Version : Knob Creek Next Weekend October 9-11

10-04-15, 09:42
Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot next weekend. Whose going?

10-09-15, 23:24
Just got back from today's outing (Friday). It was raining.
The helicopter was a nice touch.

10-10-15, 09:17
I'm going out today. Were there any great deals on anything or just the same shit different day?

10-10-15, 09:28
It's like every other Gun show I've been to: plenty of overpriced stuff.
But also lots of small parts and pieces for sale.

Primer prices were around $36-40 per 500. Some Powder was available but limited selection and prices around $25-30/ lb. best deals I saw were on ammo cans: .50 cal narrow cans $11/ea, "fat 50" cans $18/ea. sizes like ? 40mm ? cans $16/ea and larger unknown sizes available also.

Prices on NFA transferables were too high for me.

10-11-15, 08:52
Thanks for the update, headed out there right now. Trying to sell a Garand. I need small and large pistol primers.

10-11-15, 10:50
Yea, lots of people walking around with rifles and a "for sale" sign hanging.

My favorite was the "AR-receivers for sale" person, he had a necklace/ bandolier of AR-15 lowers tied together, with two of them hanging down across his chest like a rope-ladder style, and a for-sale sign dangling at the bottom of it all.