View Full Version : NFA Friendly Ranges Near San Antonio

10-10-15, 23:29
Hello everyone, I recently moved to San Antonio and am looking for a good place to shoot. What is close by that is friendly to SBR's and suppressors? Thanks.

10-11-15, 09:43
I'm about to move there myself with some NFA goodies. I've been to a few tanges in NC and most people don't even notice or if anything give off a "whoah that's cool" vibe. I'd expect the same reaction in a state like TX but how's the San Antonio area, in general?

10-11-15, 10:26
It's growing and growing so quick. There's always something to do and something to eat and I'm never for want of a Big Red. I do need to get some shooting done though.

10-11-15, 18:21
Lonestar Range
Cedar Ridge Range
A Place To Shoot
Bexar Community Range
I have shot at these with no issues.

10-11-15, 20:00
Thanks for the heads up.