View Full Version : BOLO: Stolen Tavor FDE

10-31-15, 14:56
Unfortunately had my windows smashed in today in Miami and the Perp ran off with my TAVOR. Serial number is: T0007120. The Miami gun show is this weekend so if any of y'all see someone trying to sell off a FDE tavor please check the serial. Had an Aimpoint, magnifier, flashlight and vfg on it too.


10-31-15, 16:24
That sucks man... very much sucks. Hopefully the catch the piece of garbage.

So that others can learn from it. Could you post how it went down? Left in car? How long? How public? Cased? What type? (discreet / non-discreet)

Good luck to ya.

11-02-15, 15:39
That sucks man, if I wasn't working this weekend I'd go there just to look for your stolen Tavor. You should consider posting the information on the Florida carry Facebook group, I'd do it a little later in the week. There are at least a few members there sure to attend the gun show.