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12-20-15, 08:05
I have 2 friends who have just completed their permit courses and will have them in hand probably by mid January or so. Regardless of delays from Tally getting the license in hand I wonder if anyone has any reviews for a great course. Both of them have owned firearms for most of their lives and are very comfortable with their wares at a range. That said firing at paper targets and training to save your life from the holster is quite a transition in skills. One is in Tampa the other in Sarasota and they are willing to go as far north as Orlando or south to Naples, but not the east coast of FL due to work/family and needing to be somewhat 'in pocket'.

Thanks for any recs.

12-20-15, 10:42

Contact the host, he brings in a variety of instructors and can give your friends a recommendation based on their needs.

12-20-15, 14:54
Great thank you. So difficult to find a range where you can practice a draw stroke let alone a great instructor. Both in one place? Winner winner chicken dinner. Thanks. I have to wait until I travel back to my family's property up north to practice from a holster so I get to do it maybe 2x a year very frustrating. I totally get why it's highly restricted just wish I could find somewhere that would allow it after maybe taking their in house course of had designated times for people who had demonstrated a safe practice of the skill.

On that note if there is anyone here gracious enough to allow a person who can demonstrate safe draw stroke/double tap shooting who has private property near Tampa......I will bring gifts! Would love to be able to practice these skills more frequently than at home up north.

06-12-17, 18:38
www.floridafirearmstraining.com (https://www.floridafirearmstraining.com)

Most of the advanced stuff is done out of Okeechobee (about 1.5 hours south of you).