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30 cal slut
08-14-08, 10:04
looks like 37 is the max for most fed LE positions.

just curious ... are there any exceptions?



08-14-08, 10:14
Uniformed Division, U.S. Secret Service currently has a waiver for people up to age 40.

08-14-08, 10:42
U.S Customs and Border Patrol have also upped the age limit to 40 as well. I believe that in certain circumstances there is a waiver for those who retired from the military with 20 years of service.

08-14-08, 11:15
Currently you can get a waiver to age 44 for any federal LEO job. This will stay in effect until agencies fill the retirement gaps they currently have. You can also get an extension for retirement age, to age 60.

08-14-08, 11:19
There are some you may be able to do but generally for the actually federal law enforcement positions (can’t remember the class number), you have to retire by the age of 57 hence limit of hiring age of 37. We had a bunch of Federal agencies come talk to us in one of my Criminal Justice course and had some older students asking the same thing. Todd G is right about the Secret Circus uniform division taking applicant but they also are the same class under the Federal General Scheduled as special agent Secret Service guys and also don't have the same requirements nor the same additional 20% pay rate on top of their GS rating. What federal office where you wanting to work for? Also mostr the agencies that talked to us which was (Secret, Marshals, FBI, ATF, Federal Reserve Bank, DEA, ICE, Federal Protective Services, US Probation, National Park Service, US Postal Inspector, US Fish and Wildlife, and Border Patrol) said they where in a hiring freeze not all but some even though they need people and some are very hard to get in to not because of requirements but the way they hire. Also we had a lot of older students ask about the age and none of the agencies said anything about a waiver it might have changed but that was in May when we had the class so.

08-14-08, 12:04
karmapolice is right about the hiring process. It can take from one to two years to get hired depending on the agency. Back round investigations seen to be a big part of the wait. Temp hiring freezes do happen but at the beginning of the fiscal year, 01 OCT, most agencies pull names from their list of hires and send notification to the lucky few going to the JAN classes. Most Federal Agency's have at least two classes a year. Hence the long wait to get hired.

30 cal slut
08-14-08, 12:24
much obliged. just curious.

08-14-08, 12:32
Based on what I saw of the few guys that I know that went BP that is probably the best route. They were all through the process and in the academy in about 8 months.

08-14-08, 12:39
Based on what I saw of the few guys that I know that went BP that is probably the best route. They were all through the process and in the academy in about 8 months.

Yea the BP has two academy locations now so they process faster.

08-14-08, 21:52
The retire by age of 57 also applies to positions like Army CID or Navy NCIS (as well as most DHS agencies I know of), but since I talked to a Major who recruits in my area I can't remember if you have to have been accepted, entered the academy, or graduated the academy on or before your 37th birthday - it makes a difference.