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02-18-16, 15:22

02-18-16, 20:41
I was in Superior from 2005-2010 and joined the Northwestern Gun Club. Would strongly suggest you do the same. Nice facility and members to match!

02-19-16, 00:58
Thanks Tom, will look into it in regards to distance and membership costs. It seems theyre not that far out closer than George Constance for me anyways.

02-22-16, 22:04
You're welcome. Also, I remembered the Douglas County range south of Superior which is a NICE public range. IIRC, 25, 50, 100 & 200 yd bays. The 100 & 200 ranges have solid concrete benches & all positions are covered. No charge but donations are welcomed. If you can get there on week days, you will have the range mostly to yourself. Don't remember the directions but Superior Shooters Supply would be able to help. Maybe this will suffice until you can get a membership in NWGC. Good luck & stay warm!