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snake eater 332
02-25-16, 22:37
Heads up! King 33 will be hosting Rob Pingor of The CORE Group for their 2-day Covert Entry Concepts course April 30th-May 1st, 2016.

This course, generally taught to LEOs, military Special Operations Forces, and specified government employees, will teach the principles of lock bypassing and making covert entries into buildings or properties.

*** This class is open to law enforcement, military, and civilians ***

This class is entirely hands on. From the moment you enter the course, you will have tools in your hand and are working to exploit various locking mechanisms. Students will learn to recognize the vulnerabilities in existing hardware, how they are attacked, or sometimes even bypassed entirely. You'll walk away with the skills needed to compromise most of the locks used in North America today. Students will be much better positioned to provide service in a variety of tactical areas: check welfare calls, search and arrest warrant service, establishing sniper positions, sneak and peak operations, surveillance operations, fire safe opening, and breaking and entering investigations. Since the techniques taught in this class are largely nondestructive, agencies will also benefit by having a decrease in civil actions due to property damage.

Included in the cost of the course is a comprehensive set of high quality tools that you can use on the job or practice at home to maintain the skills you'll build in class.

• High Quality 12 Piece Pick Set
• Set of covert jigglers
• Set of warded picks
• Bump Hammer
• Bump keys
• Mini jim
• Set of padlock shims
• An ez decoder
• Underdoor tool

Dates: Sat 4/30/16 - Sun 5/1/16

Location: King 33 Training Campus, 75 Aircraft Rd, Southington, CT

Cost: $675

Registration done directly through The CORE Group:
(908) 425-3537

Robert Pingor is chief of The CORE Group’s Law Enforcement Division. Prior to that, he founded Nomad Tactical Solutions. His policing and operations background was honed during his years at the National Security Agency, where he served with distinction in four different specialty units.

Rob has extensive training in both the government and private sectors. He has instructed for the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the National Security Agency, the United States Air Force, the United States Military Academy at West Point, the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, the National Defense University, and countless local law enforcement agencies. Additionally, he regularly conducts trainings for Black Hat, the SANS Institute, and other technical conferences. His work has been featured in Recoil Magazine and the web tv series The Sentinel. Outside of work, Rob volunteers for a variety of charities and non-profits. He runs the Future Blue Program, an organization dedicated to developing young people into competent law enforcement professionals, and he trains volunteers to fight childhood sex trafficking.

The CORE Group provides specialized consulting that focuses on physical security solutions. Training, blended penetration testing, and innovative tools for clients who seek security on all surfaces. Their senior team's combined experience in the physical security sector represents decades of hard knowledge and applied work. The CORE Group finds innovative ways to augment typical security auditing, assessment, and training by approaching topics that others often fail to consider: mechanical locks, electronic locks, safes, alarm systems, elevator systems, and much more.

*** This class is open to law enforcement, military, and civilians ***

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snake eater 332
03-14-16, 21:34
Spots still available in this unique class.

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