View Full Version : Advise sought: Headed to Jackson Hole, WY this summer....half day horseback????

04-26-16, 19:36
Looking for advise on an outfitter in Jackson Hole.
My kids and I have done a good deal of hiking and whitewater and I want to introduce them to something new and I was thinking a half day horseback trail ride. Tons of folks can be found on google, but I'd rather take the advice of an M4carbine member if anyone has it to share.

Any other suggestions for the area are also welcome...we're going to have about 3-4 days on our own before the wife is done with work.
Only other plan I have right now is to hike either Dunanda Falls or Sleeping Indian....maybe both.



04-26-16, 22:20
I can't help you on the outfitter but if you are up for driving a bit you can check out the Teton and Mesa Falls scenic byways on the Idaho side. You can hike into Bechler Meadows in the SW corner of YNP. Are you a fisherman?

04-27-16, 07:21
Yes an no on the fisherman part...I am in a way but have never fished on my own enough to be confident enough to take my two kids out without someone to help me with the task