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05-05-16, 17:46
Not sure how many are aware of this bill, but currently it is hitting some speed bumps with Republicans here in Oklahoma and they are currently trying to kill it from what a few sources are saying.

Below is a paragraph from thr NRA-ILA website.

"House Joint Resolution 1009 makes a critical improvement to the current Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment in Oklahoma’s constitution. This is a measure that provides the strongest possible protection for your gun rights, guaranteeing in the state constitution your Right to Keep and Bear Arms against any infringements or restrictions for you and future generations of Oklahomans. All proposed restrictions to any of your fundamental rights should be subject to a standard that ensures the strongest possible protection for that right, especially your Second Amendment rights".

Here is another article that goes into detail about some of things this bill would fix.


Here is a link to what is currently happening. Apparently a few Republicans are changing their tune, even after previously supporting the bill.


Last but not least, here is the NRA-ILA email link.


Thanks guys!

05-06-16, 00:31
Just received another email from NRA-ILA. They provided a new email to send out. The link is below.


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