View Full Version : NY "Copy & Paste Instructors"

Stretz Tactical Inc
05-26-16, 19:05
A small NY based training company has literally copy and pasted every course we offer and other content from our website, down to the smallest details in course content and requirements. It is so obvious that Ray Charles himself could see it. They have been notified to cease and desist as content of our website is copyrighted. Should any of our students who are familiar with our company and website come across this company and their website, know that we are at work to correct this matter. Always fully vet the companies you train with & their business practices! Stay safe!

Stretz Tactical Inc
05-27-16, 14:39
UPDATE: The company has removed MOST of the copyrighted content that it copied from our website and pasted to its own and presented as it's own content. I also received a voicemail from one of their people apologizing and I have not been able to return the call as of yet.