View Full Version : Big WIN in NH for non-resident CCW applications

06-03-16, 14:49
The AG 'hoe' in PA stopped the majority of us non-residents from CCW in Pa. There is a loop hole, she forgot about Texas & NH and with her criminal issues, one would assume she won't have time to close it.

Now to NH: The NH state supreme court overruled the 2013 NH law that non-residents need a permit from their home state.

Plaintiff was Scott Bach, president of ANJRPC which is the state NRA organization. The court even acknowledged that residents of states like NJ (my comment: MD is also in that boat) would never be able to satisfy their state requirement.

One of the arguments: NH allows open carry, why restrict concealed carry.


06-03-16, 14:50
Good news!

08-30-19, 08:23
Great!!!, i wont have to spend $100 every 4 years for my non resident permit.