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06-20-16, 20:54
Hey all

I have another potential opportunity in Houston (posted one about Denver last week).

Obviously the Internet is full of all kinds of contradictory info - what can anyone tell me abou Houston?

06-20-16, 21:00
What specifically are you interested in knowing about?

bad aim
06-20-16, 21:47
Hahaha Houston is so big that we definitely need more specifics as to where. Here's an overlay of the city over the state of Connecticut...

In general, the humidity is brutal and the mosquitos are hungry.

06-20-16, 22:00
What specifically are you interested in knowing about?

Lol I guess any and everything?

06-20-16, 22:28
My wife and I just recently moved back to Houston from the Chicago land area and we like it.

It's hot... Very very hot.
Traffic sucks during rush hour.
Pay scale can be low depending on what you do for a living.
No hard alcohol sold on Sunday or after 9pm.

Gun friendly
A lot of people who are into boats and sport fishing in this area.
A lot of hogs to shoot.
Oil and gas jobs are pretty plentiful.
Depending on where you are coming from the cost of living is fairly cheap.
Oh, and we can't forget crawfish!

That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure more will come to me.

bad aim
06-20-16, 23:08
Lol I guess any and everything?

Stay out of the 3rd and 5th wards late a night. Depending on how old (or young) you are, the two hottest spots for bars and nightlife is Midtown area and Washington Street. The Museum District is great, you can spend days checking out that area. Metro Rail is nice and handy. Fare Inspectors can be Nazis. Eat at Breakfast Klub at least once. Rush hour starts around 6:30AMish in the morning and doesn't really end until 7PMish. You will be amazed how far everything is relative to each other, especially if you're from somewhere in the Northeast.

w squared
06-20-16, 23:27
I moved to Houston in 2012. I am very much enjoying it.

Houston is a HUGE sprawl of 6 million people. Great food, and great access to saltwater fishing. Texas has fairly positive gun laws, and a relatively low cost of living. You're also a short drive from Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans.

I will also say that if you don't make a point of going stupid places with stupid people, Houston is very safe for a city of this size.