View Full Version : Daryl Holland 2 Day Pistol Nov 3&4 2016 Maryville IL (St Louis Area)

08-02-16, 09:41
Just trying to get the word out...

This 2 day class is geared towards shooters who have had previous formal pistol training, have a good understanding of pistol basics, and have competent safe gun handling skills and wish to further improve their marksmanship and gun handling skills whether for personal self-defense, for on the job (LE/Mil/Security) or for competitive shooting. The course will progress to where every shooter regardless of skill and ability will be challenged. Topics include safety, weapon setup, gear, ballistics, shooting fundamentals, accuracy and speed shooting, barricade shooting, shooting on the move, reloads and malfunctions, strong hand shooting, engaging multiple targets, stress shooting, low light target discrimination.
Ear (electronic) and eye protection
Serviceable pistol minimum 9mm caliber and holster
1200rds of ammo
Ability to carry 2 or more spare magazines
Hand held or weapon light
Weapon maintenance kit and lube


10-04-16, 07:14
We are 30 days out and have a few slots left.