View Full Version : 1911 Mag Followers

09-05-08, 11:01
so when will these go into production? :D

09-06-08, 22:08
Not in the near future. :p

Robb Jensen
09-06-08, 22:44
Until Magpul makes 1911 mags/followers ;) , I highly recommend Wilson Combat XTM Elite 8 round mags. Or 2nd best (for me) McCormick PowerMags or Wilson 47Ds with Tripp Research 7 round conversions which have better followers and springs than stock PowerMags and 47Ds.

09-07-08, 01:29
You could go with the Tripp Cobra mag. The magazine is longer for correct spring play.

09-07-08, 15:54
The CMC Power 8 Mags with Tripp Followers/Springs are simply the best combination you could possibly want, in my experience, and many other highly respected authorities will also tell you this.
The Tripp Cobra8Mags would be comparable as well.
Either of these choices leave absolutely nothing to be desired for the serious 1911 shooter....

10-26-08, 05:12
i have several Chip McCormack's, just wondering if magpul will ever venture outside the ar-15 game.

11-13-08, 08:36
Novak's for me.....have you guys ever finger the follower on one? I did, and that was all she wrote for me. Almost 20yrs. of 1911 use here. McCormicks and Wilson's are good too.