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09-05-08, 19:27
What's the story on this? Any hope/dream of a release? Is it a concept piece, or is it going to be produced?

Any chance of an upper?

Magpul is the peanut butter to M4s. Pretty tasty without, but always tastier with...

09-06-08, 00:38
I will save the Magpul folks a little time here:

As for now we are not releasing any information on products that may or may not be in the works. We're always looking for new ways to improve on existing products and explore the boundaries of new ideas. Thanks.

09-06-08, 22:08
The Lower has been back burner for awhile now and will more than likely stay there. No plans for an upper either.

09-07-08, 16:43
...bummer. I've always said the only way an AR-15 could be improved considerably, is if MagPul just made the entire platform.

09-07-08, 16:54
We tried to improve the AR and came up with this.


09-17-08, 21:14
And I am bummed the release date got pushed back!

I'd really like to see those lowers make it to market. The mag well reminds me of something off a tricked-out 1911. The mag well design alone is enough of a step forward for the platform to justify a purchase.

If these ever came out...All my AR-15 Fantasies will have come true.

Robb Jensen
09-17-08, 21:18
I think it'll be worth the wait. The ACR I handled at TREXPO was pretty damn nice! :D

09-17-08, 22:03
No bullshit, I squirreled away a little more than the MSRP as soon as BM had the press release on the ACR. I was pretty bummed it wasn't going to come out this year. Like, really bummed.

I'm holding out for it, but I'm going to wait until someone here "surprises" me with it being available next year. I'll get too lustful if I think about it too much.

I've got a wild hair/bug up my ass about this lower - BIG TIME.

This lower is the Lindsay Lohan of M4 goodies - Hot, but even hotter when you see her with that other chick, and know she's not available...

I'd seriously hate to see this one never make it to production. I know what Dr. Drake is saying about a step BEYOND current technology in terms of taking it to the next level, but I believe there's a lot of sentimental value to the M4/AR-15, and offering something like a lower that actually brings something to the table other than the same old features, pick your brand, type of thing is awesome, and breathes new life into the weapon system.

Sure, the ACR for all intents and purposes will build upon, expand upon, and go beyond the current capabilities of the M4.

That being said, it will be a new member of the family, versus "Ole' Betsy".

Ole' Betsy ain't done, she's just due for a boob-job, tummy-tuck, facelift/botox, and some personal trainer time.

Magpul's keeping the platform moving forward, without abandoning it's identity.

Essentially, uppers/lowers, and "guts", aside, MagPul's pretty much brought the AR-15 light-years farther forward than anyone else has, and they've done it in damned near record time. I think the lower would be the height of their retooling of existing design as much as possible, without trying to bust out a full-blown unit from the factory.

As well, gun dorks like us here will be more than happy to slap the MagPul goods on, because it works and because we know they're bringing the platform into the modern era. They've put a lot of time into the stuff, and seeing that lower, pretty much proves that MP's taken the platform, and, again, brought it forward, in a subtle, classy, and prudent way.

09-18-08, 15:44
I would like to see the Magpul lower being offer to the public. Maybe they can find a company to produce them for Magpul just like all the other manufactures have.