View Full Version : Anyone in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg PA area interested in training?

09-02-16, 08:31
As the title says, looking for a like minded person or persons that are interested in training in the York, Lancaster, Harrisburg PA area. I say "training" because I'm not interested in just to get together and shoot and or BS, I have friends that like to do that thus why I'm looking for motivated and driven people to "train" with. I'm a member of WSSA in Lewisberry, Pa and also have access to private land with the capability to shoot out to 400 yards. 90% of my training is around handguns, the rest dedicated to carbine and a little bolt gun work. I shoot some Steel matches as well as IDPA and recently started shooting USPSA. With that said I shoot this stuff with my carry gear not gamer gear. I have nothing against gamer gear its just not why I shoot the matches. I'm willing to drive to other clubs as well to meet up. Anyone interested? Shoot me a PM.

Ron Flowers
01-27-23, 14:38
Moved out to Lewisberry, also a Member of WSSA and teach some classes there.