View Full Version : Relocating to Western WY/ Eastern ID

09-24-16, 20:52
Currently living in NE Georgia (long story) and we are ready (desperate) to escape the heat/humidity.

We have a son in Boise, ID and a married daughter with our first grandchild in Rock Springs, WY.
We are looking to relocate to the area next summer and Pocatello, ID seems to be the 1/2 way point.
My wife is grand-baby crazy of course...

We have lived in Eastern WY and Western SD but that is a long way from the kids.

We have a daughter graduating from HS this coming spring and another who is currently a freshman (and pretty serious soccer player}.
I am looking for a place to return to shooting IDPA, IPSC, and steel challenge competitions and looking to learn how to shoot steel at distance with a rifle.
Will there be any place near Pocatello that will provide me with any of these opportunities?
Otherwise, what should I look for as far as friendly competition, skill upkeep, and development?

I also have a brother in Pinedale, WY so he will be my elk hunting resource.
Friends in Northern CO as well.

Love prairie dog hunting too so that will be part of the distance rifle work.

Thanks in advance for your guidance and advice!