View Full Version : Remington 700 SPS Varmint stock: glass bedding?

09-11-08, 17:57
I have a Remington M700 SPS Varmint .308 Win, and I removed the stock a while ago, and installed a Bell & Carlson tactical A5 stock. So, I have the SPS stock (same one thats on the VTR as well, I think) that I'm not using.
My cousin also has a M700, short action, in 7mm-08. His rifle was in a BAD accident (ATV crash), and the back of his laminate stock got completely broken off, as well as other little things... I offered him my SPS stock, but also told him that there's not a lot of accuracy that can be had with it, as the barrel channel is not free-floated, and there's no bedding to speak of, not even pillar bedding. He needs a decent stock, so ... I read somewhere that you can't dremel out the barrel chamber on these stocks because it would make it way too weak... Could I possibly glass bed the stock, in the little plastic "compartments", and then free float the barrel channel?
Basically, is there anyone here that has experience with this stock, and knows how to strengthen it to make it more accurate?
Thanx for any and all information!