View Full Version : New Barrett .338 Lapua Magnum bolt gun coming soon!

RAM Engineer
09-13-08, 23:56

Can't wait to see how this stacks up against the SAKO TRG and the AIAW.

09-14-08, 12:53
Wonder how much it would cost?

Looks similar to their other guns - an aluminum chasis with a barrel in it...


09-14-08, 14:21
Spooky beat me to the punch on the price question.

09-15-08, 19:29
Well that is exciting. One of those will come to live in my safe.

09-15-08, 20:23
I think I finally found something else I really want. I am very curious about the new Barrett. I have an Armalite AR-30 in .338 Lapua Magnum and I love shooting it.

09-15-08, 20:36
the october 08 issue of Special Weapons for Military and Police has a good write up on it. That will be as close as I get to it.

09-15-08, 23:23
Being Barrett, it's sure to price out a premium. At lest 30% over anything similar so take an AI and add a good chunk to that... I'm going to predict $7k to start. :(

No where near my neck of the woods.


09-16-08, 20:46
well well...Maybe a Barrett that could actually come in country without being prohibited.....:confused: this should be interesting. For us Canucks that is.


09-17-08, 10:33
I am sure it will be nice but to me just looks overly done with the chassis system and stuff like it might be heavier than I want. If I was going to get a .338 lupa right now I would get the Accuracy International or HS precision like my buddy has. I know the Canucks love theirs. My biggest worry with the Barrett is weight because to me the .338 lupa could replace the need for a .308 bolt gun because it will shoot out to 1500 meters no problem and can go out a little more so if you can keep it the close to the size and weight of a .308 its a worthy supplement and no need for the .308 as much not saying it will die but if I had to choose I would go .338 lupa because better performance and distance and it doesn’t weight as much as a .50.