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11-25-16, 19:44
Stick Drill one

This post will be updated from time to time with new drills. These drills are to the best of my knowledge unique drills. Instead of sharing the targets with other people, I would ask that you share the link to this thread. I know it is common to steal drills and repost on other sites, but hopefully we are all better than that.

Rifle and pistol precision drill target using the target shown below, download and print out so it fits on a standard sheet of printer paper. Drills are written out below.

This rifle drill is fired cold, with the weapon as is. No resighting, the two + sections are for single initial shots to establish a baseline (one round each target). The shooter uses the initial shots as references, but since any weapon which has been already sighted in should be GTG, no mechanical adjustments are allowed. If the weapon is off zero, the shooter may use what they feel is the appropriate “Kentucky windage” to engage the targets. Fire one round for each target number, and your score exists as number of hits out of 10. Rounds must be totally in the numbered square, any round touching or breaking the line doesn’t count. Rounds hitting outside of the target fired at do not count ( ie shooting for #1, and hitting #2 does not count for a hit on #2).

Distance to target is whatever distance the shooter can identify the numbers. Magnified optics will be back farther, iron sight shooters will be up closer. Vary the distance as needed. The purpose of the drill is to know how effective you are with a particular rifle. While it can be used for drills when already warmed up, it is most effective and honest when shot cold and with a previously sighted in weapon.

Pistol shooting is done from 15 feet away (5 yards). If the score is 10/10, move back to 21 feet away (7 yards) and fire again. If at 21 feet a shooter is able to hit all targets, move back to 30 feet (10 yards). Before and after each above drill is fired, used the + and fire 5 rounds. Check and see if your group on the + tightens up after the drill is complete. The purpose of this drill is to know your individual possible engagement distances for small targets. By verifying you are able to hit all ten boxes before moving back, the shooter is able to establish fired rounds are not lucky shots.

Modified pistol drill #1
If the shooter carries a concealed weapon, fire the drill from the holster each time. The drill stays a precision drill and is not shot for time.

If you shoot the drill and like it, post how you did, and what the distances were as well as the type of rifle used. Have fun, and hopefully this helps you determine a bit of where your skill level lies. Keep yourself honest by shooting the rifle drill as far away as possible for yourself with your optic and weapon. Remember that hits don't count in the box unless you hit the box you were aiming at.


11-25-16, 19:45
Drill 2 to be placed later

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Drill 3 to be placed later