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01-02-17, 21:27
The homicide rate in Chicago took a drastic rise in 2016, where it rose by 286 homicides since 2015 (509 homicides in 2015 and 460 in 2014). The total number of homicides in Chicago in 2016 are 795.


01-02-17, 22:39
I believe the number of people shot in 2016 was 4,378. Hands off policing does not appear to be working.

01-04-17, 12:28
Yep, 4378 is accurate.

01-05-17, 17:37
In all fairness to Chicago, the City of St. Louis has it's fair share of homicides.

Chicago 2016 Homicide Rate - 29.37/100,000

City of St. Louis 2016 Homicide Rate - 57.61/100,000

The City of St. Louis Homicide Rate per 100,000 population is slightly higher than Chicago.

01-05-17, 18:09
Do you mean to tell me those strict gun control laws aren't stopping the violence?!? :rolleyes:

I'm shocked...

All kidding aside I wish politicians would realize that gun control isn't the answer and focus on the real problems.

08-05-18, 16:13
Didn't want to start a new thread, dang 40 shot.

At the Football of Fame, the POS randy moss wore a tie bearing the names of African-Americans who died during interactions with law enforcement. He & the rest of black-on-black deniers, should step up to the plate.

At least 40 shot in Chicago Sunday, including 8 wounded in Gresham shooting


EDIT with update: 63 shot, 10 dead in Chicago since Friday


08-06-18, 17:37
It's a typical weekend for Chicago. It's too bad. There is a lot to do in Chicago and plenty of good restaurants.

LMT Shooter
08-06-18, 18:15
I saw the total as 74 shot, 11 dead on msn.com this morning.