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09-20-08, 21:22
I had an oppurtunity to get a sample of the new CMMG 2-stage trigger. The differences between CMMG's and RRA's product is that CMMG has incorporated bronze bushings on both the trigger and hammer for smoother opperation as well adjustments for both take up and over travel.


Included in the package is the hammer and trigger assemblies complete with springs as well as a container of thread locker, an allen key for adjustments and clear and concise instructions for installation.

The installation was easy and this trigger set holds it's own without any adjustments but we all know that if we're offered the option to make something work even better, we're going for it. The optional adjustments for take-up and over travel took about 30 seconds to dial in using the set screws shown on the photo above. The CMMG unit utilizes your existing standard pivot pins. A dab of Moly-Slide to the engagement surfaces and we're off to the range.

Here is a inside view of the completed installation:

Now for range time....

I have to be honest and say that without the adjustments, CMMG has given us a excellent alternative for a good 2-stage. With the over travel and take up removed, we now have an excellent choice for those of us that want a crisp repeatable trigger and doesn't break the bank.

Cost is $135 from M&A Parts (http://www.m-aparts.com/)

04-17-11, 22:19
I have one of these triggers in my SBR and love it. Has a nice 2 stage pull that breaks at around 4lbs. Trigger has about 3,500rds of .223, 3K rounds of .22lr, and 1,500rds of 9mm on it with no issues so far. I went this trigger because I wanted someting that would work with all 3 calibers which it does with no problem. I replaced an AR Gold Trigger which worked well with .223 & .22lr, but turned my 9mm upper into a single shot.

I know Geissele is popular around here in terms of trigger upgrades, however I was wondering if anyone else out there using the CMMG Trigger?