View Full Version : Sheepdog Response in Ashburn VA?

03-16-17, 13:58
Is anyone planning on attending the class put on by Tim Kennedy's group in Ashburn on 24-26 March? Anyone have prior experience with him as a training? I am considering attending.

03-16-17, 18:16
MMA/Ranger Up Tim Kennedy? I didn't know he really had a company, though I have seen him shoot on social media sometimes. I wonder where in Ashburn he would do that, I'm not there anymore but I don't remember any areas that seemed real accommodating.

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03-16-17, 19:25
Yes, that Tim Kennedy. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just curious if anyone had experience training with them or was planning on attending. Here is the link;

jack crab
03-16-17, 20:03
I think I saw an announcement for:

Silver Eagle Group
44620 Guilford Drive, Suite 100
Ashburn, Virginia 20147