View Full Version : Training Opportunities in DFW

03-24-17, 21:32
Just thought id post this up here. They operate out of DFW and their instructor is squared away to say the least. Ive taken some of their private classes and it was great training. They are doing open enrollment and LE/MIL classes now. There is a $150 promotional rate going on right now for the 1 day courses in April. Check them out.


03-24-17, 22:04
Who are they? Do you have any financial or other affiliation with this group?

I am asking because I have noticed a lot of similarities between your website and theirs.

There's no names or training experience listed. I have no way of vetting them, and determining why I would want to train with them.

I did some web searches, and have not found any AAR's regarding their training. Can you provide links to any?

03-24-17, 23:02
Sent you a PM