View Full Version : BOLO: Stolen PSL, PDX Metro

04-09-17, 18:54
Passing along a BOLO from Northwest Firearms.

One of our members over there had an Armslist request to look at his PSL, and it turned out to be a gunpoint theft. Perp's name is Derek Rousseu, appears to be a Prohibited Person, 6'2, 240#, lats seen driving a dark-blue early-'90s four-door Jeep Cherokee with no plates. C/N is D-8844-76-RO.

If you see this guy, consider him armed and dangerous and contact Portland Police.

Do we have a "Stolen Gun BOLO" section somewhere that I didn't see?

04-09-17, 19:25
Stolen gun file seems like a good idea to me.