View Full Version : New to South Wisco, where to shoot/shop

05-02-17, 17:06
New to Madison area with a job, looking at moving to Janesville/Evansville/Edgerton area and I'm wondering what ranges and gun shops I need to get to. I've been down this way many times, coming from the Twin Cities, but all wife's family are shotgun guys who have yet to bite the AR bug, and I am wondering where my local tactical ninjas are.

11-11-17, 11:42
Two ranges I go to are milfordhills.com in Johnson Creek and mcmillersportscenter.com in Eagle. They're a bit of a drive, I'm in Milwaukee, but are nice outdoor ranges and pretty cheap. Vortex optics are located in Middleton and offer a nice discount if you are in law enforcement. Midwest industries and Wisconsin Tactical are located in Waukesha. I know they are a little drive for you, but worth checking out if your in the area.

11-12-17, 18:17
www.wheretoshoot.org Is a site I use often.

11-13-17, 07:50
Winnequah Gun Club has nice outdoor facilities and a decent indoor range.
Deerfield Pistol and Archery Center (Deerfield Range) has an ok selection and a 20 yard indoor range. Staff is friendly.
Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center (DCLETC) is very close to Madison, and is open to the public on weekends. They also host hunter sight in events.

There used to be (might still be) a few rod and gun clubs in the area. I haven't heard much about them.

11-13-17, 11:47
Max Creek in Oregon also has an indoor pistol/rifle range, believe it is 15 yards max.

I was a member of Winnequah for a long time; last time I checked, they had frozen new memberships so it might be awhile before you can get in. The membership process is also drawn out, you have to work 3 workdays, etc. You also have to know how to deconflict all the ranges - there are a ton and they don't take kindly to folks not setting gates, etc. Plus, there are so many members you will most likely have to wait to use a given range, even at 10am on a Tuesday (ask me how I know :p). The upside is a great silhouette range, opportunity and space to shoot 1200+ yards, multiple pistol ranges with steel targets, and a 200 yard plinking range. Plus and indoor pistol range, but you have to pay by the hour to use it even if you're a member.

There is a public outdoor range (100 yards) in the Yellowstone Wildlife Area about 45 min south of Madison, and the North Bristol range in Sun Prairie goes to 200 yards.

11-13-17, 13:09
Columbus Sportsmen Association, is an awesome range. They have a 300-600 yard range, you must take their long range shooting course before using it, but once you do, you can shoot at it anytime its open. They also have a 50-200 yard range for rifles. and a 50 yard pistol range, as well as archery.

The fees are cheap for a year, and the range is well maintained. Almost every single time I went I had the entire place to myself.

If you are looking for a decent public range, look up Yellowstone State park, there is a range there that is free and open to the public. I suggest going there during the week as it can get kind of crowded. There is a 100yd, 50yd, and 7yd range.