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Stretz Tactical Inc
05-07-17, 18:35
Stretz Tactical Inc 2 Day Shotgun
Location: Private range in Lebanon, CT

In This two day course topics covered will include: Shotgun selection and setup, ammunition selection, stance, grip, mounting/presentation, managing recoil, sight alignment/sight picture, patterning, reloads, transitions to pistol (OPTIONAL FOR THOSE BRINGING A PISTOL), select slug drill, ready positions, pivots & turns, shooting on the move, moving targets, team movement drills, stress courses and more.

A servicable duty/defensive 12 guage shotgun, pump or semi-auto with a sling (tactical sling preferred)
Zeroed prior to arriving to class. (100 YARD ZERO PREFERRED but others are acceptable if you understand your zero)
Ammunition: 80 Slugs, 50 OO buckshot** Lead only (no steel shot)** , 150 birdshot ** Lead only (no steel shot)**
5 Dummy Rounds
A method for carrying spare ammunition - on the gun, your person or both.
Eye & ear protection

Quality duty/defensive handgun (for transition drills)
50 rounds of handgun ammunition
Holster - No serpa, crossdraw, ankle or shoulder holsters
Spare magazine w/pouch

Baseball style hat
Lip balm
Lunch / Snacks

For more information or to register, click here:http://www.stretztactical.com/tactical-shotgun