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05-17-17, 20:10
For those of you in the Jackson wyoming area, I'm helping Ballistic Addiction a Class 3 Dealer from Cora Wy. host a demo day at the Jackson Hole gun club. He's bringing several pistols & rifles, 22lr, 9mm, 45 act, .223 and 308. for potential customers to try out with various suppressors attached.

Tim purchased a Kiosk from Silencershop, for those interested in entering the NFA game.
Fingerprints & photo electronically taken and sent to Silencershop that day Cost is $40 for that
JH Range fee's ( $12 per day for nonmembers) will apply for those that want to Demo/ shoot plus ammo cost or bring your own factory ammo.

Sat the 27 at the Jackson Hole Gun club.. 9 am to Noon....

05-17-17, 23:34
Cora, WY has a class 3 dealer?
Nice! My brother is in Pinedale. I'll have to pass on the date

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05-18-17, 07:23
Just discovered Daily range fee for the JH Gun club is $12 per individual per day for non members