View Full Version : Extreme Tactics & Training in Waxahachie

06-01-17, 23:18
Does anyone have any experience with this range? Their website is pretty spare when it comes to rules, allowed ammunition, or whether or not a membership is required. I live 70 miles away, and I'd like to get some info from an independent source before I commit to driving out there.


07-01-17, 17:06
I have been there a few times in the last couple of years. Last time I was there was about a year ago, so the following may have changed. $30 to shoot all day. They allow FMJ ammo. Legal machine guns, SBR's and suppressors. Dynamic shooting is allowed (on the move, drawing, etc). They have several tactical bays, with hay bales set up to use as cover/support. They had some steel set up when I was there. They have several pistol only bays that have steel targets. There is a 100/200 yd range. There is also a 1200 yd range, but it is for members only. Membership not required to shoot there. I joined another range to the west of Weatherford, so I haven't been to ETTS this year.