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Fatal Front
06-13-17, 10:22
Iím looking to join a local training group as I moved to the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain last year.
I currently work for the DOD and have had the opportunity to attend some Govt and civilian shooting course not offered to the general DOD population to include overseas shooting schools/force on force.
I excel at:
-Basic engagements (snap shooting, malfunctions, drills, movement)
-Vehicles (inside/outside, bailing, defense from static vehicle)
-Barricades (Viking barricade board, any unusual shooting position)
-Carbine, shotgun pistol
Weak at:
-Concealed Carry
-Designated Marksman
I am willing to go with the crowd or share my experiences to teach others if requested.
I use a custom built AR15, HK USP .40 S&W, Mossberg 590 12 ga, Glock 19 and G.A Precision 308.
If youíre in the area and would like to get together please feel free to call me at (850) 529-3179. I am not allowed to have my phone in my work area so I will respond after 1700 on my way home.

06-13-17, 11:32
I live on the Northshore.

I sent you a text message at the number you provided.

If you have Facebook, I suggest you join the Louisiana Shooter's Connection group:


The groups I train with in the area are:

Advantage Group




There is also Bearco and VATA, but I have not personally trained with them yet.