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07-10-17, 20:32
Hey guys,

I'm new to the NOVA area and looking to get back into competition shooting. I have no preference for either IDPA or USPSA. Any suggestions on places near or semi near the quantico area?

I know quantico has a club and I intend on checking it out but any other info on places would be great.

I'm also looking for some recommended training facilities in the area and a 2 or 3 gun type competition as well

Thanks in advance


07-10-17, 21:53
Uspsa at Fredericksburg Rod & Gun Club put on by Fredericksburg Practical Shooters. FPS has a website and FB group. That's only 20-30 mins south of Quantico. Match is first Sunday of the month with set up taking place and set up crew shooting on the day before (Saturday). Friendly group.

There is 3 gun in a Richmond but I've never been there.

No 2 gun that I know of - I wish there was.

ETA - NRA HQ in Fairfax has matches as well.

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jack crab
07-11-17, 11:32
Check out Peacemaker National Training Center, http://peacemakernational.com/

07-11-17, 11:47
I was looking up stuff online last night and saw this place. It seems pretty nice. I'm gonna go check it out this weekend I think

07-19-17, 18:44
NRA has IDPA and USPSA matches every month on a Tuesday. Go to the NRA range site to check it out.