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08-29-17, 07:31
New Hampshire ?

Heading to New Hampshire next week and I have a carry permit (Non-Resident) and about to use it for the first time.
From reading up it looks like the only off limits is "Court houses", private businesses with posted signs can ask you to leave but there is no law stating you can't walk in. If they ask you to leave then you have to leave.

Any feedback from anyone living in New Hampshire?, also going to carry for first time ever, any tips?


08-29-17, 08:08
Carry concealed, using a good holster and make every human effort not to allow your weapon to be seen as there are people here who will report you.

We have situations all the time where soccer moms report lawful CCW holders as 'a man with a gun', and they get swatted. This happens most often in bedroom communities near Boston, i.e. Nashua.

So generally use good common sense and pay heed to your training and you should be fine.

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08-29-17, 08:29
When I traveled last year I flew in with my Carry Gun, checked of course.

I was also traveling RIGHT before election time. I can assure you, meeting a lot of people of both sides out there, many liberals were adamantly and vocally opposed to people carrying guns. The topic didn't even have to be a main point, but when discussing politics, I heard it come up quite a few times.

I also heard many MANY hard conservatives talking about how the "Pu**y Liberals are f**king up our 'Live Free or Die'."

So, I can digress. Nonetheless, it was a very interesting trip, great scenery during the fall and good food.

Would return without a doubt.

08-29-17, 11:04
Thank you, I am set up with my 1911 with Milt Sparks VM2 and S-4C mag pouch, hoping to confirm off limits area if I was correct.