View Full Version : Anyone ever shoot at Sportsman Shooting Center?

Run N Shoot
01-11-18, 18:43
Got the email a few days back they were closing. Sad to see since it was a pretty unique place.

05-24-18, 05:32
Sucks to lose a one of a kind range and a site sponsor in one swoop. I'd shot there twice, both times on their tab.

First time was their Aimpoint training session. By the end, we (4 of us) were hitting aerial moving targets with AR's. Second time was an H&K, SHWAT, SSC sponsored event that was more of a "Play with our toys" thing. I had a great time and learned something both times.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't see it coming. Aimpoint wouldn't allow the likeness of a person to be on the screen. They were, understandably, afraid of any backlash that might have come from training up the next nut job.

Don't think this would have happened had Aimpoint allowed vetted individuals to utilize the capabilities of the system. We mentioned it to the locations GM and his reply was basically "Well duh, I've been pushing for it".