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06-13-18, 18:48
Garrett Machine is running an AR class in MD later this year. My Google fu has failed me so far. Is it legal to drive to MD from VA and bring an AR to a range in MD?

06-14-18, 07:37
From MSP’s FAQ

“​A Maryland resident who lawfully owned the firearm prior to October 1, 2013 may travel with the firearm to other states and return so long as it is not a violation in the state you are traveling to and the firearm is being transported in accordance with the law. A person may not transport an assault weapon into Maryland for target competition unless the person lawfully possesses, has a purchase order for, or applied to purchase the weapon before October 1, 2013. Federal law allows a person to transport a firearm through Maryland but not to Maryland if the firearm is not in compliance with state law.”

06-14-18, 09:52
Damn. Thanks. Appreciate it.