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10-05-18, 19:06
Midwest Industries Combat Front and Rear Sights


These are new enough where they are not up yet in the MI website. At first look, these sights look similar to KAC, but rather than being knockoffs, Midwest Industries appeared to have put their own spin on the sights much in the same way that Magpul did.

The MI rear Combat sight looks and feels much like one of the .mil approved rear sights from KAC. The MI differs in looks and function in having a thicker stem. While this should aid in preventing the rear sight from getting bent, that really isn't much of an issue that I've ever seen of heard of. The rear sight locks into place via detent, and can lock back down in the same manner. If struck, the sight is able to close on its own, but the detent should prevent it from accidental open or closing.

The MI front Combat sight is obviously the same height as the rear, and the standard height for the AR platform. The front sight is adjustable in the same manner as the front sight base/ front sight post on the M16 series. Midwest Industries is nice enough to include a front sight adjustment tool along with the Combat Rifle Sights pack.

Over the past few days, the sights have shown themselves to hold up to frequent opening up and down, and trying to force them open hard does nothing more than lock them in place. These sights have more steel than previous MI sights, and look as they should be a tougher version, though I'm not aware of an issues with previous MI sights.

While my time with the MI sights in measured in days, my first impression visually, as well as judging by feel says these sights will do very well for the company and its clients. I know that I'm in for a few more sets to upgrade some of my uppers which currently are iron sight free.

The pictures below shown the MI Combat sights both my themselves, as well as installed on a weapon.

Overhead view as they lay flat.


View of the MI Sights from the front in the deployed up position.


Rear view of the MI sights in the deployed up position.


View of the MI sights installed on a URG from overhead.


Side view of the MI sights on a MI carbine.