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10-26-18, 15:19
Seekins Precision is not known for molded components, so it was a bit of a shock when I was checking the Rainier Arms website and saw the new Seekins Precision ProComp 10x Precision AR Stock this morning.

Does this become the Magpul PRS killer? At first glance, a quick answer of no would seem justified. When the first generation of PRS came out, there really wasn't anything like it on the market. It had clean, unique lines, and was a stand out piece. Moving forward a decade or so, there are a handful of other offerings which are similar on the market, and with a Gen 2 version of the PRS out, which looks much more vanilla than its predecessor, the floor is open to a field of subjective looking adjustable stocks.

The Seekins Precision adjustable 10X stock, gives a user adjustable length of pull via 1/4" spacers. The height is adjusted by way of a, "dual push button and clamping system which securely locks the cheek piece to the shooters desired height". The Seekins 10X comes with 3 QD mounts, and all steel components are coated black in "ArmorBlak".

The 10X is usable on all Mil-Spec AR15 and AR10 platform rifles, and mounts to a rifle-length receiver extension tube. Seekins Precision doesn't include or charge your for a receiver extension, which is nice for people who already have components on hand. Just remember that you will need the tube AND buffer before you put this to good use.

The 10X is made of polymer, and comes with a recoil pad.

The largest thing which stands out over the Magpul offering in favor of the SP 10X, is the weight. Magpul comes in at a stout 27.8 Oz (up from the 26.88 Gen 2), while the Seekins Precision 10X weighs in at 19.8 ounces. Magpul is priced in the $250 range, while the newest offering from Seekins Precision hits the market at $185.

In closing, the two stocks will inevitably be compared by everyone, and while SP 10X isn't adjusted via large knobs, the price and weight reductions of the 10X are enough to make this fixed / adjustable stock worth a good look.

Once we get our hands on one, we will update this with pictures of our own, and give real world feedback. For now, here is a link to the RA website, and with their permission, we share a pic.



12-07-19, 14:19
I wasn't able to get a hold of one of these to do create a more in depth review. Anyone else use or handle one of these, or is this a product which never went anywhere?

12-16-19, 10:13
I wasn't able to get a hold of one of these to do create a more in depth review. Anyone else use or handle one of these, or is this a product which never went anywhere?

They still look like they are for sale, but guessing these never went anywhere. I browse a few different forums including some more for precision rigs and have heard almost no discussion on these at all.

12-16-19, 10:58
Seekins has been shipping these stocks on their factory AR10 pattern rifles, and their 3-gun oriented AR15, for a while now.

I haven't had the opportunity to use one personally, so I can't add more than that. But they are in the wild.

Straight Shooter
12-27-19, 00:05
Earlier in the year, i was putting together the beginnings of a 20" precision rifle. I researched the hell out of everything I wanted or bought.
Looked at & Googled so many different stocks for this rifle, but went with the PRS of course. In all my looking & research, I NEVER saw or heard o this stock until reading this thread today. So to me, looks like it went nowhere.