View Full Version : Illinois State Police have sent out Concealed Carry Renewal Letters

12-05-18, 13:41
ISP Sends out Concealed Carry License Renewal Letters. https://www.gunrights4illinois.com/blog/isp-sends-out-concealed-carry-license-renewal-letters/

12-07-18, 14:54
A former student contacted me about a FCCL renewal class. He received his letter last month.

The former student was in a hurry and attended a course taught by another local instructor. He said applying for renewal online only took him about 10 minutes. We'll see how long it takes for him to receive his new FCCL without submitting fingerprints.

12-07-18, 15:25
Finger prints are not required for the renewal, not that they were required for the original license either. If you did finger prints for the original license, they were re-used for the renewal. I would say 10 minutes is on the long side since most of the information is prepopulated for you.

People are being approved in less than 30 days for renewals. I was the first person I know of to apply. I'm sure more applied before me, but I was the first person to report it ( https://www.gunrights4illinois.com/blog/90-days-concealed-carry-license-renewals/ )

I applied on October 29th, the first day possible. My hidden status went to active exactly 29 days later. I went to Approved status on December 6th. I know a couple people who applied 28 days before December 6th and were approved on the same day as me.

That's sad really because I have a friend waiting 140 days for his original license now, and renewals are being approved in less than a month. I sent an email yesterday to the ISP about that trying to straighten things up for him.