View Full Version : JTAC Ranch outside Tampa updates?

12-20-18, 09:14
I've been following these guys for some time. Read where the city council approved 5-0 to let them move forward summer of 2017. Their facebook page has no updates in about a month and a half not responding to people's posts so thinking it may be toast? Anyone know anything else about it?


12-20-18, 18:15
I don't do Facebook, but it was updated a hour ago. What is the deal and where is this at?

12-20-18, 18:58
that's great! not a face booker either do i but i have that link saved you can still click on 'posts' and read an update w/o a log on. so it's going to be out to 2k yards rifle with bays and steel. pretty extensive handgun facilities as well, but i believe it's going to be LRP centric. looking on the googles it's about 40 minutes from downtown tampa.