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04-06-19, 23:53
The purpose of the Forward Controls Adjustable Turret cap Aimpoint micro (ATA) is to allow easier adjustment of windage and elevation on the T1/ T2 models. Now some users are going to stop and wonder how or why there is a problem when the micro Aimpoints OEM caps remove, and interface with sight correction knobs already. To be honest, if you are the type of user who has one weapon, and isn't going to ever swap your mount, optic, or need to resight your Aimpoint, this might not be the accessory for you. However, the ATA permits sight adjustment without removing caps, and additionally allows the user to make adjustments with a slotted screwdriver, coin, shell casing, or similar item.

The Forward Control ATA cap and insert are both made from 17-4 SS billet, and Melonite QPQ treated. One insert shows elevation, and one shows windage. The markings are engraved, so there is no concern about the markings vanishing under harsh light or being worn down. Careful looking inside shows an O ring, which prevents moisture intrusion, and allows submersion to 77 feet.



Installation is very straight forward. The OEM caps are removed, and the dual male protrusions on the ATA disc lock into place on the optic. Installation is much easier dropping the flat disk on first, and locking the protrusions into place. The cover / cap then screws into place.



With the cap hand tightened, eventually the sight adjustment piece will start to spin. That means its time to hold it in place with a screwdriver or other slotted object, and continue to tighten it down by hand. Sight correction can now be done as stated above, using a slotted screwdriver, shell casing, or whatever else you have floating around that will fit.



The look of the Forward Controls ATA knobs are sleek, though what they are replacing is pretty sleek anyway. While looks are certainly subjective, to my eye these are well laid out, designed, and machined pieces. One might wonder if this makes the sight adjustment easy to knock out of place, but honestly it really does not. The position and tightness of the adjustment piece is such that you would have to go out of your way to make it move. This isn't like standing up in a Hummer turret and stepping on your buddy's A2 upper (for us old guys) and knocking his adjustment out of whack.

The big question in any review, is if the pieces or components actually work. The answer is yes, these function as designed, and allow for a simpler means of sight adjustment. You can order or find out more information about the Forward Control ATA at the below link.



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Thank you Stick!

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I call it like I see it based on my training and experience.

For anyone else reading this, I’ll start getting more articles up for things soon. I’ll do here what I did when I was writing for Military Times / Army Times / Gear Scout. I’ve got some catching up to do on things I have on hand, then I’ll start look8ng at newer stuff as it comes out.

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Looking forward to it Stick!

09-30-19, 17:14
I just wanted to say I'm really impressed by FCD in the last 1-1.5 years. Company introduced a number of new products with noticeable functional improvements, not just aesthetics. All orders for me shipped the same day.

Keep up good work.