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11-04-06, 22:01
Just picked up a G19 today and need a good IWB holster. I was looking at a Galco Matrix M7X or MX7 holster. Any other good recommendations?

11-04-06, 23:58
I use a Safariland model 27 IWB everyday for my Glock. It is by far my favorite IWB for the Glock.

11-05-06, 00:26
I have had my Kramer horse hide IWB holster for over 10 years of everyday ...... every minute carry. The holster is still stiff. It stays open when the weapon is drawn and has kept the weapon in my holster through numorous knock down drag out fights.

I can not say anything bad about it. I have 9 years before I can get off the job (retire) and it looks like this holster will be there with me on my last day!!!

I still remember when I bought it. It was 75 dollars and I had dry heaves when I thought about paying that much for it back then. When I think about it now, I consider it one of the best investments that I have made.


11-05-06, 04:25
For my G19, I use a Don Hume H715M. Carries the gun very nicely.

11-05-06, 05:38
I carry my G19 in a Milt Sparks VersaMax II.

I still use my Comp-Tac CTAC on occasion as well but I loe the VMII.

11-05-06, 06:52
I don't own any Glocks anymore but I like the 3 VMIIs I have for 1911s very much.

11-05-06, 08:04
I'm another Milt Sparks VMII fan. No other IWB holster that I've tried even comes close.

I still need to buy one for my G19 though, my expierence is strictly with 1911's.

11-12-06, 18:23
If I remember right the Kramer #3 IWB was designed for the G19. I have a #3Horse hide for my P229 and I really like it.