View Full Version : Washingtonians near Puget Sound: new indoor Securite range opens in Bothell

10-13-19, 13:04
For folks who live near Puget Sound/East Side, a sweet new indoor range opened in Bothell:


Attended orientation yesterday, it's a beautiful indoor range and LGS combined. Talked briefly to the owner, they plan to build more of these ranges in other states. The thing that appealed to me is they have a solid director of training (Marine corps, LE, professional training career) and plan to offer a lot of onsite classes for pistol/carbine.

10-25-19, 22:30
Where is it located in Bothell? I tried going to their website but I'm getting an error saying that the URL wasn't secure.

11-10-19, 14:53
Updated--they just had their grand opening and changed the link.