View Full Version : Two-day AR15 Armorer class, Detroit area, Oct. 28, 29 (Mon-Tue) w/ Ned Christiansen

Ned Christiansen
10-14-19, 17:58
I don't usually post these here but this one got put out with a little less lead time and as a result there are some open slots still. I will be giving my 2-day AR Armorer class FOR, but not AT, CenterMass, Inc., in Livonia MI (Detroit suburb), on the above dates. If you are anywhere in this area and don't know about CMI, it's a top-notch outfit. This one is actually being held at:

West Bloomfield Police Department
4530 Walnut Lake Road
West Bloomfield, MI

And.... it is open enrollment. EDIT!! My mistake, it is not open enrollment, LE / mil credentials required.... Ya gotta love it when the police say, "welcome, citizens!".... I sure do. I believe CMI requires some sort of vetting like a carry permit; checking that. You can go to CMI to register or if you want to just Email me I will forward you their flyer and reg. form.

The class is MCOLES approved and 302 funded. Cost for the two days is $399.00.

I can pretty much promise you some things in this class that you have not seen or previously considered.... plus the regular stuff. The standard info bit goes like this:

This class will demystify every aspect of the Stoner system as embodied in the AR15 / M16 series. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the fire control group, gas system, and bolt group through pictures, animations, high speed video, and cutaways. Each student will disassemble and reassemble his/her own rifle several times. Discussion will cover maintenance, preventive measures, and repair of certain areas more prone to failure, as well as areas that fail less regularly but with dire consequences. Barrel change and buffer tube/receiver extension removal will also be demonstrated and discussed. Several quality and design aspects that many manufacturers continue to inadequately address, causing serious problems for the end user, will also be covered. Lube, accessories, and ammo selection will be touched upon.

No time will be spent on things like memorizing model numbers and nomenclature, or disassembling rear sights; the focus is on the aspects critical to keeping the gun safe, reliable, durable, and in the fight.

Students absolutely must have eye protection and should bring a flat-bladed screw driver and a small bottle of lube. Students will be provided a 3/16 Allen wrench, a hand punch disassembly tool of Ned’s design, and a copy of Patrick Sweeney’s book, Gunsmithing the AR15. Ned's proprietary tools will be available to fine-tune students' rifles during class.

Ned Christiansen
10-14-19, 22:11