View Full Version : Training opportunities around SC Upstate

12-13-19, 15:09
I recently took my first real training course this fall. It was with Man Alone Tactical in Beaufort, SC, and it was a great experience. I enjoyed every bit of it and learned a lot. It has me chomping at the bit for more. Sadly, with them being 3.5-4 hours away and hosting two day courses, once you add up travel, lodging, dining, ammo, and course costs, it isn't cheap and is quite time consuming for a man with two kids under 3 and a wife at home who doesn't appreciate being stuck with both of them for an entire weekend.

I do plan to take more courses with MAT in the future, but in the mean time, I was hoping to find some competent trainers within an hour of the upstate. It'd make training a lot more likely, mainly b/c it'd be easier to get approval from the boss lady. Any recommendations?