View Full Version : Ohio Night Vision Group Saturday, Feb. 29th 2020

02-20-20, 06:05
Ohio Night Vision Group venue in NE Ohio Saturday, February 29th 2020. Going to try to get another live fire outing in before the time change. This is a casual but structured venue that will allow you to put your Night Vision equipment and skills through their paces.

If you have the gear and are interested in more details please email crossgun@neo.rr.com

02-20-20, 16:33
This sounds awesome. Cant make it this year, but I should be back next year. Would a thermal scope be enough?
Whats the minimum gear you would suggest to get something out of it? (Just nv scope or are nods a must?)

02-21-20, 04:48
NODs and a IR laser pointer are pretty much a must have for the carbine. We shoot from contact distance to 300 yards through various drills and scenarios. The whole program is about using and moving under your NODs.

02-21-20, 13:30
Got it. Thanks.