View Full Version : New Hampshire HB 1660 Elder Care Gun Confiscation Moves to the Full Senate

03-10-20, 16:12
HB 1660 must be stopped! Send the email to both the Senator and Governor.


03-10-20, 18:11
Is it just the way I'm reading it?

Sounds like as the plaintiff I'd be giving up the right by signing this I'd be giving up my rights to ask the court to remove the defendant's firearms. I'm no lawyer so I could be 100% wrong.

Here is the only time firearm is mentioned in the bill that I saw.

"I understand my rights and options as explained in this worksheet. I am freely choosing to file this petition even though there are other petitions I may qualify for that are specifically designed for victims of domestic violence and stalking. I understand that using this petition may prevent me from getting additional protections for physical safety that may be available to me, including the right to ask the court to order the defendant to hand over their firearms or deadly weapons.

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08-11-20, 23:18
Vetoed! Till next year.