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06-17-20, 20:18
Hello all,

I started a thread over in the AR General Discussion section soliciting feedback and thoughts on my ideas for improving my current AR rifle or upgrading to a new one. You can find that thread here (https://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?223728-Help-on-my-quot-next-level-quot-rifle). I've received some ok feedback so far, but Stickman graciously invited me to post a similar thread here to gain further insights. As you can see in the above thread, I'd like to have what I consider a "next level" rifle with improvements in accuracy, longevity, and (for lack of a better word) style/uniqueness. I don't own a bunch of AR's. Just one currently. It was my first and only... basically an "easy-button" complete BCM upper and lower I slapped together. It's been outstanding so far. Never an issue. But I'm now looking for my next one to be in a new class. The theme, again, is a combat-reliable rifle with increased accuracy.

My main two options are: 1. A Centurion Arms complete forged upper with LW barrel and CMR mlok rail (to slap on my existing BCM lower), or 2. A complete Centurion Arms CM4 rifle with billet upper/lower. I'd like your thoughts on what the benefits would be on going with the billet rifle. Corrie has been outstanding to correspond with, answering a few of my questions. She mentioned the billet receivers are great for the longer range precision guns (where the difference of .01" will make the difference between winning a match and losing) like the RECCE with the stainless barrel... tight fit, no slop between receivers/pins are tight, etc. It's basically what Monty designed with his "ideal" features. She also mentioned the gas ports they use on their newly-sourced barrels are .075 which to me sounds pretty ideal for a mid-length gas system paired with the H2 buffer their complete lower comes with. She also mentioned users are reporting their LW barrels shoot 1"-1.25" groups are 100 yards... damn fine accuracy. Do I gain anything from their "midweight" barrel? While I assume it would handle heat better, I'm not sure if the increased weight is really worth it for my needs.

I'm throwing around upgrading the A2 flash hider to the Stoner 63, cuz it offers a bit of extra recoil control as well as looks cool/unique. I don't care for the ping of open-pronged FH's. I already have a Geissele SSA I'd install in the lower myself (steal it from my BCM), so the only other option would be grip. I use a BCM Mod 3 grip. I'm familiar with the Ergo they offer, but I have no experience with the Reptilia grip they offer.

Anyway, that's where I am. I'd really like to give my business to nice people like Monty and Corrie no matter which option I chose. I have no doubt I'll be very happy.

Feel free to share any thoughts you may have. Thanks a lot.


06-17-20, 23:47
I have an upper with Centurion Arms 16" mid-length CHF barrel and original 13" CMR from back before they were selling complete uppers. I also have a BCM 16" ELW with 13" original KMR. These two resulting rifles have very different personalities. The CA lightweight barrel is thicker and heavier than the BCM enhanced lightweight barrel. The BCM feels fast, but maybe not the most sturdy. It's feels light and points like a shorter rifle.

The Centurion Arms is certainly heavier and the CMR is more robust. I really like their new pinned gas block design that's keyed to the barrel compared to the BCM which uses setscrews. IMO, Centurion Arms is a good "step-up" from BCM but it may been in the precision "Recce" type rifle while the BCM is the better lightweight. I keep playing with the idea of a Centurion Arms 16" SS RECCE, Gen 1 13.7" CMR with a VLTUR MUR-1S.

I'd personally stick with the A2 flash hider to save some dough or check out the Precision Armament AFAB/EFAB if you want to try a "hybrid" muzzle device.

06-18-20, 00:50
My BCM is setup almost exactly like yours, except I have a 15" KMR (magnesium), different light, and no mag behind the T2. It's crazy lightweight and when I've put a scope on it it's shot very well. Reliably groups under 1.5" with good handloads and I've got a couple sub-MOA groups. That said, if you're set on a second upper/rifle I'd suggest going the billet route with their RECCE or MK12 barrel. You've already got a lightweight blaster, so I'd go with something more precision oriented than just another LW setup. Just my $.02

I have no experience with CA rifles (only an early stripped lower and a couple rails) but Corrie is one of the nicest people I've come across in the industry. Emails are always promptly answered and she & Monty are great people. I wouldn't hesitate to support them!

06-18-20, 14:30
Nothing wrong with the A2 FS, but the ones from Monty that are three prong and four prong don't ring that I can ever recall, and I've got them on a few different rifles.

Something to remember is that most people, myself included, are not particularly shooting high end match ammo or upper end reloads through the CA weapons. I'm exceedingly guilty of shooting generic Q3131A (55 grain fmj) through both my SS and CHF CA barreled weapons. On occasion the SS might get fed soft point something or others, or even good stuff, but its not done on a regular basis. On my generic blaster builds (which are still all high end stuff) I use the CA CHF barrels and shoot Wolf through them. I understand this is sinful for some people, but I shoot it out to ring steel at a few hundred yards and never feel bad. I know that misses at distance may very well be ammo related, but it doesn't bother me any.

Now that my sins are out of the way, I should have asked you from the start what sort of optic you had planned on putting on this critter....?

06-18-20, 15:03
Now that my sins are out of the way, I should have asked you from the start what sort of optic you had planned on putting on this critter....?

I forgive you. :)

I plan on transitioning my existing Aimpoint T2 and Vortex Micro 3X magnifier from my BCM to this rifle. I started out with an Aimpoint PRO. It was decent for my initial needs. I then transitioned to a Trijicon TR25 (1-6x) to try LPVOs. Nice glass, and very shootable at 1x, but the weight just didn't seem right for a lightweight rifle. So I sold that and purchased a T2. Love it. I added the Vortex Micro 3X magnifier for better PID and accuracy at range. I love that too. It too has great glass for a magnifier, is very light weight (don't even really notice the difference with it on), and the mount/lever is very robust. The T2/3X is a perfect combo for this rifle and my needs. I have access to ranges out to 500 yards, but mainly stick to 0-200 yards.

As far as ammo, I stick with XM193 or AE223 for general range/practice and use Speer Gold Dot 64gr or Black Hills MK262 for longer range and HD use.